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Growth-hacking, glorified funding, and groupthink create a blind spot for online violence

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We need a performance metric that tracks “how long before it breaks”

Using situations instead of hierarchy

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Spiritual weekly prompt

Shared pain can enable action, but not all pain is born equal.

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Stopping for gas


3. Walk Away

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You can stop someone from gaslighting you by saying “No.”

You have 4 responses when you’re being gaslit

1. Stand your ground

When you’re taught your body is “bad”, self-love can feel really uncomfortable.

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The way the world sees us depends on how we see ourselves.

With each attack, girls inherit trauma and women relive their own. Times change, hatred does not.

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Crying on the bus

If I had no hope, I’d lose my mind.

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It’s not the first time I see someone jumping the queue.

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