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Growth-hacking, glorified funding, and groupthink create a blind spot for online violence

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The problem with technology platforms is rooted in start-up culture.

Agile. Lean. Market size. Time-to-market. User take-up. Engagement rate.

These are terms that help start-ups compete across “how much” and “by when.”

We need a performance metric that tracks “how long before it breaks”

The documentary “The Social Dilemma” displays how engagement-driven technology facilitates the development of amoral machine learning, echo chambers…

Using situations instead of hierarchy

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When I think about people close to me, I encounter a thick fog, oblivious to anything on the other side.

I don’t know what it means to be “close” anymore.

If you ask me who I speak to the most, I can think of the top two people.

If you…

A poem

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Clarity folds into an insular oasis
beyond my reach.
It sits tranquil
while I venture with effort.
I make the steps,
I clear the path
and just when I think I’m getting close,
it evades.

The longing for something that makes sense
is making my arms feel tender and sore,
grasping for…

A poem

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Lasting impact on a
wounded heart:
a scar

A scar
is one drop of oxygen
in the bucket of time,
the tears of the gods
nursing aging flesh,
but in their own

what is time if not
a gift wrapped
into the present
taking the hollow holes
of the past,
filling them with…

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Spiritual weekly prompt

Shared pain can enable action, but not all pain is born equal.

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I’m white. The only thing that comes close to me understanding white supremacy is if I look at my experience as a feminist.

Before you come on this journey with me, one little note. It is my journey. I don’t think it is the only, or best, way.

This personal…

3. Walk Away

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You can stop someone from gaslighting you by saying “No.”

to gaslight (verb)
gaslit, gaslit
the post-woke term for manipulating someone’s perception of their own oppression.

“No” can be spoken, or it can be a state of mind.

It can feel daunting to stop someone from “telling you what’s what”. …

Ioana Andrei

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